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Together Pablo and I create paintings. With cross-cultural archetypes and surreal symbolism we depict relationships between humans and nature and the universal cycles of life. Our studio is located in Santa Fe, NM. We welcome visitors by appointment and invitation. A review of our 2014 NYC exhibit stated: Their art “most certainly has opened a new window on the horizon indeed for this century in art”. in 2015 we exhibited 100 of our collaborative paintings at a solo exhibition in NYC. The gallery owner wrote her own review of our show, stating: Linda Storm and Pablo Perea's collaborative work is the best I have ever shown in the 27 years I owned my gallery, and some of the most amazing artwork I have ever seen. It is so skillfully executed and filled with such intricate complex details that it automatically draws the viewer into an inner sanctuary. For their latest exhibition held at New Century Artists, Inc. 100 new artworks were created. Each work is an evolution of the process of these two incredible artists working together and developing their craft. The work is of such a high caliber I am certain it will be in many museum collections. It is exciting to be part of this process and I look forward to seeing how this journey continues to evolve. Chana Benjamin, July 15, 2015 Gallerist, Curator, Art Appraiser, Educator, Photographer Our vision is for our art to be a global presence of cultural collaboration. Together we are four hands, two cultures, one artist.

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