About Linda Storm


Linda learned she was an artist as a child, when she picked up a brush, dunked it in paint and smeared it on canvas. Later, covered in paint, she hid when she heard someone yell; Who did this to my painting?!? Out of hiding, she currently paints on her own canvases. Her current topics are myths that honor feminine deities in surreal landscapes.

In the past she has collaborated with artists Sean Healen, James Archuleta, and Pablo Perea. She is currently painting solo.


A review of her collaborative art states:

“Their works are…a portal to their view of humanity and what it means to them as artists. It most certainly has opened a new window on the horizon indeed for this century in art.” – Artfuse.


Art is a language that reaches the depth of our being.” Linda Storm

Photo by Gary Storm

To receive invitations to events at Linda’s Art Studio, located at 1807 Second Street #4, Santa Fe, NM, send an email to stormartist@gmail.com with “include me” in the subject line, and your contact info in the message.



2017 – Art Projected as stage backdrop for New Mexico Platinum Music Awards, originals and featured in lobby of historic Lensic Theater in Santa Fe.

2017 – Metallo Gallery, Madrid, NM

2016 – New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY

2016 – Offline Gallery, NYC

2016 – Galerie Metonia, Paris, France

2015 – 100 painting solo exhibition New Century Artists, NYC

2015 – Miniature paintings Metallo Gallery, Madrid, NM

2011 – 2014 – Last Gallery On the Right, 836 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

2015 – Solo exhibit Garretts Gallery, Santa Fe ,NM

2014 – La Tienda Exhibit Space, LaTienda Plaza, Santa Fe, NM

2014 – New Century Artists, NYC

2014 – Metallo Gallery, Madrid, NM

2013 – Solo exhibition Garrett’s Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2011 – La Tienda Exhibit Space, LaTienda Plaza, Santa Fe, NM


Contact: 505 757 6250 or email stormartist@gmail.com





About Linda
About Linda
About Linda
About Linda
About Linda